The Gift of Pokemon This Christmas

If you are a 90s baby you will remember the absolute craze that went on back then over Pokemon. In 2016, the craze is back, and Pokemon have made big moves to both stir nostalgia in old players, and bring new ones into the fold. They have released a new set of Pokemon games for their Nintendo DS gaming system, as well as a new movie, and trading cards (for those who really like to keep it classic). On top of this, they partnered with app developer Niantic to create Pokemon Go, an app that smashed all expectations and set records for downloads within the first week of launch. So what does this mean for Christmas? Well, it means Pokemon gifts are absolutely booming, and we are going to discuss a few great options if you know someone who would love one!

How to Find the Best Pokemon Gifts

There are a number of resources available when you are looking for gifts, the primary three are,, and – Gift Ideas. These sites have a plethora to choose from and offer various means of finding what you are looking for. Amazon is of course great for finding out what other people are buying, as well as for getting great deals. lets you filter based on interests and likes, and Epicgifts has an entire list of gift ideas just for that particular category. To find out what goes into choosing the right item, we spoke to an spokesperson from Epicgifts who said the following:

To come up with our list, we scoured the net to find out what people were buying, as well as what kinds of people were buying what. For example, someone who is into the backstories and immersion of Pokemon may want a Snorlax plush for their desk or bed, whereas someone who is into competitive DS play may want skins or stickers for the DS. It all varies based on the personality and underlying interest in the genre of the person you are buying for.

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Clearly there is more to selecting a gift than simply knowing someone likes a specific genre, and the team at EG appears to have dug deep into that to give you a truly custom list of ideas.

With this in mind, we recommend that if you are searching for some Pokemon themed gift ideas, you check out the resources below (and the ones mentioned in the post) to give you a good idea of what to go for. Hopefully it helps, and happy holidays from the EMTAErie team!


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