Pumping in Public Places

With the number of single mothers on the rise, it is more common to see women supporting children, babies, and whole families on their own. Many of these self-sustaining women ride the subway and, consequently, must breastfeed on the go if they have small children. In recent years, incidents have occurred as a result of the stigma placed on breastfeeding in public and especially on public transport. In this post, we will analyze what have happened and the effects on our society.

What is the Stigma Surrounding Breast Feeding?

There have been many instances recently in the United States of young mothers being targeted for breastfeeding in public places. Notably, a video emerged of a Target employee defending a mother who became the victim of harassment from a passerby who saw her breastfeeding her baby in the store cafeteria. Situations like this arise frequently around the country and should not be tolerate, especially on our rail systems.

Breastfeeding is a thing of nature, and should not be seen as disgusting or lewd, as it is a crucial part to a child’s survival. Furthermore, women who breast feed probably do not prefer to do it in public, but are unable to find time at home due to jobs or other responsibilities.

– Emily (http://www.yourbreastpumpreviews.com)

Sentiments like this are shared by the majority of the estimated 80 million single mothers across the country, and many men are stepping up to support their cause.

How Can You Help?

There is no doubt being a single mother is difficult, and support groups for single moms have been set up both online and across the country. Unfortunately, these can only do so much, and education is needed to bring the rest of the population into the mix, and open their eyes to exactly what is happening. To help spread the message, Stefan Molyneux (a host of a popular philosophical talk show) gave an hour long presentation on the truth about single moms. We encourage our reader to check it out (linked below) and reply in the comments if you found any of the points interesting or worth discussing.

The Truth About Single Moms Video

The Gift of Pokemon This Christmas

If you are a 90s baby you will remember the absolute craze that went on back then over Pokemon. In 2016, the craze is back, and Pokemon have made big moves to both stir nostalgia in old players, and bring new ones into the fold. They have released a new set of Pokemon games for their Nintendo DS gaming system, as well as a new movie, and trading cards (for those who really like to keep it classic). On top of this, they partnered with app developer Niantic to create Pokemon Go, an app that smashed all expectations and set records for downloads within the first week of launch. So what does this mean for Christmas? Well, it means Pokemon gifts are absolutely booming, and we are going to discuss a few great options if you know someone who would love one!

How to Find the Best Pokemon Gifts

There are a number of resources available when you are looking for gifts, the primary three are Gifts.com, Amazon.com, and Epicgifts.net – Gift Ideas. These sites have a plethora to choose from and offer various means of finding what you are looking for. Amazon is of course great for finding out what other people are buying, as well as for getting great deals. Gifts.com lets you filter based on interests and likes, and Epicgifts has an entire list of gift ideas just for that particular category. To find out what goes into choosing the right item, we spoke to an spokesperson from Epicgifts who said the following:

To come up with our list, we scoured the net to find out what people were buying, as well as what kinds of people were buying what. For example, someone who is into the backstories and immersion of Pokemon may want a Snorlax plush for their desk or bed, whereas someone who is into competitive DS play may want skins or stickers for the DS. It all varies based on the personality and underlying interest in the genre of the person you are buying for.

– Courtesy of http://epicgifts.net

Clearly there is more to selecting a gift than simply knowing someone likes a specific genre, and the team at EG appears to have dug deep into that to give you a truly custom list of ideas.

With this in mind, we recommend that if you are searching for some Pokemon themed gift ideas, you check out the resources below (and the ones mentioned in the post) to give you a good idea of what to go for. Hopefully it helps, and happy holidays from the EMTAErie team!





Are Wiccans Real?

What is Wicca and is it Real?

Founded in England in the 20th century, Wicca is practiced by hundreds of thousands of people around the world to this day. It is a duo theistic belief and centers around two deities. The Horned God is typically masculine and is represented as having the head of a beast with horns. In modern day practice, the Horned God is focused on less, and is oftentimes mistaken for Satan by those who do not understand Wicca. The second deity is called the Triple Goddess, and represents femininity within the belief. In modern day Wiccan practice, the Triple Goddess has taken more of a central role, and is said to embody femininity, sexuality, and the life cycle of the woman. She is represented in three phases, The Maiden, The Mother, and The Crone, which coincide with cycles of the moon and are based on a cycle of a womans life.

Many who hear about Wicca picture witches stirring a boiling cauldron in the woods and worshiping the devil. This is not the case, and Wiccans are actually very in tune with nature, life, beauty, and embracing the connection between the inner self and the natural world.   However, a part of Wicca is indeed spell casting, and this is often misconceived by the outside world as being evil or attempting to control existential forces outside of the realm of the living.

Spell Casting in Wicca

http://www.theastralworld.com/rhosyns-love-spells/Spell casting does play a significant role in Wiccan belief. There are many sources online purporting to be Wiccan practitioners, and toting everything from spells for beginners, to highly advanced love spells and more. Interestingly, Wiccans are just regular people who decided to begin practicing the art, which means that these spells are indeed simply made up and shared across the web. Indeed, one of the most common types of spell (both in movies and in real life) is the love spell. There are countless sources online that claim to have everything from love spells to make someone love you, to love spells that make it easier for someone to fall in love with you. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the biggest consumer of these love spells are teenage girls. Many of these would be practitioners grow out of the fad, but some remain true and are convinced that the love spell they cast in high school is responsible for their marriage to this day. While opinions differ, most “real” Wiccans will say that a true love spell is one that draws your significant other to you, and does not/cannot make someone fall in love with you. According to them, attempting something that bends free will is against the rule of nature, and is forbidden and not practiced.

A Real Wiccan Practitioner Tells All

In an interview with a real practitioner of Wicca, we learn a little bit more about what the draw is to this old belief system, and why people are so secretive about practicing it.

Determining the Costs for Website Design and Development

web design cost

It’s a common question that has been asked over a million times by business owners and freelancers across the world. That question is “How much does web design cost?” Unfortunately there isn’t one set answer for any company; however we can go into the details about how this cost is estimated and how you can figure out a little bit on your own how much it’ll cost you to make a website for your company

The first thing that needs to be considered is what type of website you’re trying to get built. If it’s meant to sell products, that’s called an e-commerce website. These typically cost a bit more than other websites because it takes more time to upload lots of products to your website.

If you know whether your website is meant to be a blog, a service-type website (such as for a dentist or plumber) or an e-commerce website, that would be a great place to start. Tell this to your web designer.

The next thing to ask is how many pages you need your website to be. For service websites it typically includes a home page, about page, service page (sometimes a few service pages) and a contact page. A simple layout with 5 pages shouldn’t ever cost you more than $5,000. You can also find services that are much less expensive that will only run you about $500 (and in some cases even less, depending on how much you care about quality).

If you have an e-commerce website, that can run you anywhere from about $1,000 as much as $30,000, depending on how many products you need uploaded and the quality of the website. Someone with 10,000 products is likely going to end up in the higher price range.

Another very important factor to consider is content and SEO. Your content is something you should provide if you want to save money. It could cost you a fortune to hire someone to write content for you and to purchase stock images. In fact, you could spend tens of thousands of dollars on content alone! So by providing your own content, you can help speed up the process of the web design and also save some money.

As for SEO, this is typically an ongoing service that charges anywhere from $500/mo to $10,000/mo depending on how competitive your market is. One way to avoid monthly fees is to do your own SEO and track it with Majestic SEO or a similar service.

If you’re looking for a new custom design that would require a lot of web development, you’re going to end up in the higher range of web design costs. Simple WordPress templates, or a Joomla website will cost you much less and provide you with almost the same quality of work. On average, a website will cost anywhere from $2,000 – $20,000. The more work you give your web designer, the more he’s going to charge.

Probably the best way to find out the cost for a new site is to simply ask a web designer for a quote. Some people are hesitant on doing this due to the belief that they’ll receive a lot of sales calls. It should be noted here that you aren’t likely to run into that with web designers.

If you’re thinking about hiring a company overseas to do your web design, we encourage you not to do this. Hiring a company overseas can be very risky and can cause you a lot of trouble in the long run. There are many companies who do this, but they do it primarily through large white-label companies that provide overseas web design as a service to web design companies.

If you hire a freelance web designer overseas to take care of your web design, you risk the possibility of them stealing your credit card information, your personal information and much more. You also risk the possibility of making an advance payment and not receiving anything in return. Another major risk is that the person designing your website might provide you with the same website they had already built for another, or even a low-quality website etc. The list goes on.

Be safe in your web design ventures. Don’t work with a company solely on the criteria of price and web design costs. Find a reputable company that appeals to you, contact them and see if they seem like the guys to do the job for you. Having a good quality web designer on your team is priceless!

Keeping the MTA Secure

Metro Terminal

How are trains secured?

There are multiple levels to transport security these days. There are planning and response elements, physical security personnel (security guards), and mechanisms that aim to deter or prevent a threat (locking mechanisms, intruder detection, cameras etc). Metros tend to have two types of locking mechanisms. First is electronic locks that control the braking systems, exterior doors, and online threats. The second form of security is physical locks that secure the cabin and exterior doors.

Why is security Important on Public Transport?

Due to the increased risk of threat to the public, specialized units within public transport sectors have been formed. These units monitor transport stations, as well as carriages themselves. They face serious challenges however, one of which is that it is an open system. In other words, it must be open to customers, which presents a security risk inherently. Furthermore, it moves large numbers of people at a time, which means if something happens, there is a huge risk to human life and property. Normally when transportation is disrupted by a security threats, the operator is not usually targeted, but it is the state itself. This means that the goal of the security threat is to disrupt operations, and instill fear on as large of a scale as possible.

To combat this, it is important to have proper measures in place that aim to both respond to, and also premeditate a threat. They should take into account every possible scenario and have a counter measure/plan, no matter how unlikely the incident is of happening.

Cameras and Locks

When it comes to detectors and deterrents, transport stations primarily rely on cameras and locks. Cameras are used by security personnel to detect known threats, identify problems as they happen, and watch for generally suspicious behavior. These high tech CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) systems are crucial in identifying threats even if an incident occurs. These high end cameras are purchased through a number of CCTV suppliers and include household names like Samsung and Honeywell, who are known for their quality.

Locking mechanisms are used to secure doors and other areas with restricted access. They come in primarily two different types: standard pin locks, and electronic locks. While electronic locks are becoming more prominent, they still have some major flaws that sometimes make the pin lock a more viable option. For instance, electronic locks have been easily compromised by faulty electric systems, malfunctions in their software, or even poor craftsmanship that has allowed them to be bypassed using physical force. For this reason, many transport companies still secure the majority of their off limits areas with old fashioned pin tumbler locks. These are more reliable but can also be bypassed by someone who knows what they are doing. For all locks to be installed, whether electronic or otherwise, the expertise of a professional locksmith company like findlocksmiths.org will be sought out. Companies like this usually will contract out to a particular transport company and service all of their areas. However this is only done if the locksmith company in question has a sterling reputation, and has vetted all of their technicians.

While locks are meant to secure off limits areas, they also allow for crowd control. For instance, the turnstiles in subway stations are considered locks, because they keep people who have not paid for a ticket out of the subway platform. Furthermore, they control the flow of the crowd and keep things safe and orderly.

In-Depth Analysis of Transportation Security: Full Video


How is Home Automation Used in Transit

Home Automation Technology Used on Metros?

What is Home Automation?

Home automation gives homeowners access to control devices in their homes using a mobile device from a remote location. From a home security perspective, home automation includes alarm systems, surveillance cameras, smoke detectors and other sensors that link to it. Until recently, the automated central control of building-wide systems was found mainly in larger commercial buildings as well as expensive homes. Typically involving lighting, heating and cooling systems, automation rarely provided more than basic control, scheduling functions and monitoring. Additionally, it was accessible only from specific control points within the building.

home automation from a tablet
However, home automation has undergone great improvements and everything has an assigned IP address. It can also be accessed and monitored remotely through smart devices and appliances that can be connected to a local area network through Ethernet and Wi-Fi. Remote control and access mean homeowners can connect to their home networks while away through their tablets and smartphones. Below is a brief overview of top three high end home automation systems. Events can be programmed and scheduled for the on the network, which may include time-related commands such as scheduling lights to be turned on and off at specific times. Non-scheduled events include turning on all the lights when the security system is triggered.

Types of Systems

HomeSeer HS3 is relatively easy to use although it takes some time to master. It is highly compatible with several home-control technologies. HomeSeer gives homeowners a wide range of software compatibility. It supports media management applications such as iTunes, Windows Media Player as well as Windows Media Center. It is also compatible with HVAC systems. HomeSeer provides remote access, allowing you to control your home from an Internet browser or even your smartphone. HomeSeer’s modules can receive signals either wirelessly or from the home automation controller through the wiring in your house. HomeSeer’s software allows you to make customization based on your preferences and the programs can be activated manually, automatically or using voice control.

Crestron is one of the undisputed leaders when it comes to automation in homes, schools and businesses. It is compatible with media players such as Windows Media Center and iTunes. Its main strength lies within the home theater, a feature that makes it one of the few home automation systems to do so. It is also compatible with multiple home automation peripherals, most of them designed to work with Crestron hardware controllers. Crestron also supports different operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS X, Android and iOS. In terms of functionality, Crestron is easy to use and has Cretsron mobile apps that allows you remote access to your home. Additionally, you can configure Crestron to work well with different preset programs that can perform basic and complex home tasks. In case you can’t find your remote, Crestron also supports voice controls.
Control4 is designed to work with Control4 devices that use ZigBee, Z-Wave and Wi-Fi communication technology. It is compatible with Nest Learning Thermostat and requires professional installation. It allows you to customize the settings based on your preferences and needs. It offers every peripheral type you might need in a smart home system. You can control every enabled device within the house from a standard desktop computer, Control4 touchpad, a smartphone or iPad provided you have internet connection. You can also program events to take place automatically via basic triggers and random actions.

How has it effected transit?

Massive changes have been taking place across the world when it comes to transportation technology. Most notably, the new London Underground system has been revealed. Here is a sneak peak: