Whether it’s to work, to school, to the casino, to the mall or to the heart of downtown Erie, the “e” takes you there. Our region – from Erie to Edinboro – has so many exciting and diverse destinations for recreation, shopping and fun, and you can get there on the e!

The “e” is also complemented by the Bayliner Trolley for downtown travel, the LIFT for those needing mobility assistance and the Water Taxi for travel to and from Presque Isle State Park.

Are you ready to ride?

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  • Joint Operations Facility Project

    The project went out to bid for construction in summer of 2013. Contracts were awarded to; E.E. Austin and Son, Inc. for general construction, Newco Co., Inc. for electric, Wm. T. Spaeder Co., Inc. for HVAC, and Scobell Company, Inc. for plumbing. Phase I of the project will consist of a Maintenance Facility and Paratransit Bus Storage. Once Phase I is complete, the Paratransit Division will move to this location from their current location at 825 West 18th Street. We will then start Phase II, which consists of Fixed Route Bus Storage, CNG and diesel fueling, Bus Wash, and Administrative and Operations offices. We are very eager and excited to have one building that holds our EMTA/eLIFT family.

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  • Fares Will Increase- Effective October 1, 2014

    Starting October 1st, 2014 the EMTA will enforce a 15-cent increase to the base cash fare and a 13.6 percent increase across all the ticket and pass prices. Despite the e’s efforts of maintaining affordable prices for our riders, fuel prices continue to rise and federal funding continues to diminish.

    Three specific issues are driving the potential increase: (1) EMTA’s fare structure has not been assessed or increased since 1997, which has negatively impacted revenue and our ability to offset expenses. (2) Transit agency peers throughout that state have an average base fare of $1.50, 36 percent higher than The e’s fare.  (3) Recently passed Pennsylvania transportation legislation (Act 89) dictates that all the state’s transit agencies have a policy to increase fares commensurate with inflation

    EMTA has made arrangements to make this fare increase as courteous as possible for our riders. We plan to maintain discounted multiple ride passes and tickets. As well as creating new fare instrument; Unlimited Day Passes. Were also considering going to a one-zoned system, which will allow traveling regionally to be more affordable.

    In order to outreach this increase to the public, EMTA has created a press release, distributed flyers on buses and shelters, placed flyers in public places, posted information at residential high rises and complexes, senior centers and human service agencies, and have posted this information on our website.

    We held two public hearings to allow the public to voice their opinions. The first hearing was on July 15th at the Intermodal Transportation Center and the second was July 29th at Borough of Edinboro Building, Council Chambers. We were able to answer any questions or concerns from the public while also attaining valuable suggestions which we will consider when making fare adjustments. We would like to thank everyone who attended the meetings and appreciate their support.

    If you were unable to attend our public hearings or if you have any questions or concerns about our fare increase please submit your comments on the e’s website under “Contact Us” or by regular mail to:

    The Fare Increase Comments
    Erie Metropolitan Transit Authority
    127 East 14th Street
    Erie, PA 16503


    New Fare Structure: Prices:
    Base Fare $1.25
    Half Fare $.60
    Senior Citizens Free (with Senior Pass)
    Children under 4 Free
    Downtown Trolley Free
    Tokens $1.10
    Transfers $.25
    Half Transfers $.10
    31 Day Pass $40.00
    20 Ride Pass $20.00
    5 Ride Tickets $5.40
    Day Pass $2.50 (purchased on bus)
    ADA Tickets $2.50