Are Wiccans Real?

What is Wicca and is it Real?

Founded in England in the 20th century, Wicca is practiced by hundreds of thousands of people around the world to this day. It is a duo theistic belief and centers around two deities. The Horned God is typically masculine and is represented as having the head of a beast with horns. In modern day practice, the Horned God is focused on less, and is oftentimes mistaken for Satan by those who do not understand Wicca. The second deity is called the Triple Goddess, and represents femininity within the belief. In modern day Wiccan practice, the Triple Goddess has taken more of a central role, and is said to embody femininity, sexuality, and the life cycle of the woman. She is represented in three phases, The Maiden, The Mother, and The Crone, which coincide with cycles of the moon and are based on a cycle of a womans life.

Many who hear about Wicca picture witches stirring a boiling cauldron in the woods and worshiping the devil. This is not the case, and Wiccans are actually very in tune with nature, life, beauty, and embracing the connection between the inner self and the natural world.   However, a part of Wicca is indeed spell casting, and this is often misconceived by the outside world as being evil or attempting to control existential forces outside of the realm of the living.

Spell Casting in Wicca casting does play a significant role in Wiccan belief. There are many sources online purporting to be Wiccan practitioners, and toting everything from spells for beginners, to highly advanced love spells and more. Interestingly, Wiccans are just regular people who decided to begin practicing the art, which means that these spells are indeed simply made up and shared across the web. Indeed, one of the most common types of spell (both in movies and in real life) is the love spell. There are countless sources online that claim to have everything from love spells to make someone love you, to love spells that make it easier for someone to fall in love with you. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the biggest consumer of these love spells are teenage girls. Many of these would be practitioners grow out of the fad, but some remain true and are convinced that the love spell they cast in high school is responsible for their marriage to this day. While opinions differ, most “real” Wiccans will say that a true love spell is one that draws your significant other to you, and does not/cannot make someone fall in love with you. According to them, attempting something that bends free will is against the rule of nature, and is forbidden and not practiced.

A Real Wiccan Practitioner Tells All

In an interview with a real practitioner of Wicca, we learn a little bit more about what the draw is to this old belief system, and why people are so secretive about practicing it.

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